Deep Learning Engineer for AI MedTech Startup

at People Ventures
Published December 12, 2022
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Category Deep Learning  
Job Type Full-time  


At Radiobotics we are looking for a key member of our development team, a CV/ML/DL engineer with experience in algorithm development and image analysis to lead our efforts in developing innovative ML/DL-based products. You will be working with state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision algorithms for automation of medical image analysis.

Who we are

We are on a mission to transform radiology by designing ML/DL based products that augment the workflow of radiologists, improving the quality of the diagnosis and reducing waiting time. We are developing algorithms for automatic analysis and description of routine medical x-ray images at hospitals, within musculoskeletal radiology. We have a beautiful office in central Copenhagen where we like to work, go for a swim in the harbor in the summer before/after work and enjoy each others’ company.

Who you are

You probably have a background in computer science, software engineering or a similar topic, though your technical skills together with your ability to learn very fast, work independently and collaboratively are what really matters.

Since we are a small team, a new member will have to fit well into our group and our informal mentality. You should be open to work on a wide range of tasks from our offices in Copenhagen.

Your main responsibility in Radiobotics will be to lead our machine learning and deep learning algorithm development efforts by improving our existing ML/DL pipeline and process, and being part of developing algorithms for Radiobotics' innovative products.

Pytorch, Tensorflow, OpenCV and Jupyter Notebooks are your everyday jam and you deploy comfortably knowing that your model generalizes well.

Being a small company we all wear many hats and we also expect you to bring your experience building software to improve and bring a fresh perspective to our products’ software.

After two weeks...

You’ll already know all your new colleagues, who does what within Radiobotics, and who can help you out when you feel lost. Moreover, you will have enjoyed a few delicious breakfasts and Friday bars. You’ll be up and running with the hardware and software you need to code and be familiarized with our documentation and processes. You have already made and reviewed a few pull requests and trained your first model.

After 1 month…

You’ll be working on new features for our products and contributed to some of our ML/DL development processes. You will have had a few 1:1 meetings with your manager and your latte art game will be on point. You’ll start naming everything in your life with the RB prefix (like our products).

After 3 months...

You’ll be leading projects, writing PRs and collaborating in the design and development of Radiobotics. You will have participated in a few RBactivities outside the office and have your personal ranking of your favorite almond croissants in the city.

After 6 months...

By this date, you won’t be the RBrookie anymore, so you’ll be the lead in some projects and will be co-authoring the way we work, develop product features and deploy products at Radiobotics. Your work will most likely be already in use by radiologists, technological partners and the rest of the company. Depending on the timing, you’ll have attended a hackathon/work-away and you will have developed competitive Foosball/Petanque skills you didn’t know you had.

What we expect from you

  • You have minimum 3+ years industry experience applying ML/DL/CV to tackle real-world problems, including object detection in large datasets.
  • You are skilled in explaining and presenting analyses and concepts to a broad technical audience.
  • You have experience working with technologies like PyTorch, Tensorflow, Docker, OpenCV etc.
  • You have excellent experience in Python and good general experience in software development, writing good code and implementing patterns where they apply.
  • You have experience working with MLOps practices.
  • You have ownership and responsibility of the parts of the project you implement/lead.
  • You are able to work autonomously with little supervision.
  • You’re positive and driven, and a fast learner.
  • You have the ability and desire to lead a small team of highly skilled engineers.