Deep Learning and Computer Vision Engineer

at Imagry
Published March 16, 2023
Location San Jose, United States of America
Category Deep Learning  
Job Type Full-time  


We are looking for a Deep Learning Engineer to join our San Jose office in Ca.

You will work on building a real-time perception, tracking and prediction system, employing cutting-edge deep learning and computer vision methods.

This is an opportunity for a position in the autonomous driving industry with real-world experience in deploying deep learning-based architecture.


1) Research, development, and integration of vision-based road perception algorithms.

2) Overseeing and developing complex data pipelines, from data collection, to annotation, and generation.

3) Integration with C++ - based Autonomous Vehicle software.

4) Testing and finetuning developed algorithms/models in Imagry’s Autonomous Vehicle in Haifa.

5) Devising and measuring performance metrics.

1) M.Sc. in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Electrical Engineering or similar

2) At least 3 years hands-on experience with deep-learning research and application.

3) At least 3 years programming experience (Python/C++ or any high-level language).

4) Up to date on recent developments in the field of deep learning.

5) Probability theory, linear algebra, geometry, trigonometry at a B.Sc level.


Skills that are considered an advantage:

1) Experience with PyTorch.

2) Familiarity with Computer Vision.

3) Familiarity with the AV field.

4) A publicly viewable body of accomplished projects (e.g. github repository, portfolio, etc.)

About Imagry

Imagry is an Autonomous Vehicle software provider developing a Level 4 Autonomous Vehicle AI system, built on vision-based deep learning solutions for road perception and motion planning. Our bio-inspired technology combines real-time visuo-spatial perception with an imitation-learning decision-making system. Imagry replaces the limitations of HD mapping and rule-based approaches with a real-time vision-based data-driven solution that utilizes cutting-edge Deep Learning methods.

Imagry currently has over 70 employees across 4 cities, including Haifa, Silicon Valley, Rawabi, and Phoenix, AZ, and we are expanding further, and we want strong, capable, and inventive engineers to join us on this journey.

Some videos of our autonomous vehicle in action can be found on our website.