Data Scientist

Published March 8, 2023
Location Plano, United States of America
Category Data Science  
Job Type Full-time  


Job description

Position Data Scientist

Location : Plano, TX / Remote

Job Description :

5+ Advanced Data Scientist skills


Data Science : machine learning skills around forecasting, time series analysis, language processing and customer segmentation as well as model tuning

ML Pipeline, data modeling

Strong programming skills (Python, R, SQL)


Neural Network modelling experience

Azure with Databricks- loud based analytics

OCR experience

Recommender system experience


This team works with various parts of the organization and SMEs that have data science knowledge and data scientists to collaborate with this person and also be able to synthesize the info the SMEs will be providing them.

Give them a problem statement and have them apply their analytic skills to help solve this problem. They'll have support from SMEs and Analysts to solve these problems.

They have identifiers for entities that they have for customers and if they bring in external entities they need to match that with the common identifier to build a model to confirm the entity.

NLP side : NLP problem resolution, not being able to match entities, need to match the entities to the text.

Build forecasting models so accurately predict what the sales will be (time series related) any work they've done around time series / advanced time series forecasting

Segmentation : that problem statement is around a massive customer base with a wide range of attributes and segment the customer work done differently with different attributes and test the segmentation that has been done