Data Scientist

Published December 3, 2022
Location London, United Kingdom
Category Data Science  
Job Type Full-time  



At MATCHESFASHION we are on a mission to make data the primary source of information for guiding the decisions we make. We are looking for talented Data Scientists to help us on our journey. You will join a highly skilled department that will inspire you to develop innovative solutions to the problems we encounter in our business.


  • We ship to over 190 countries around the world
  • Our customers are fashion conscious luxury shoppers and include stylists, celebrities, royal families
  • Millions of people visit the site and our mobile app each month
  • Products we sell range from less than £10 to over £50,000
  • The engineering team continues to grow in 2022.
  • Our website typically takes between 1 and 5 million GBP in sales a day

Life Inside Our Data Organisation

Data Science at MATCHESFASHION falls into multiple streams. Depending on what project you are working on, you could be working with several stakeholders across the whole business: Buying and Merchandising, Logistics, Loyalty, Marketing, Private Shopping and more.

Data Customer

Customers are at the heart of our business. To provide the best customer experience, we aim to understand our customers across all touchpoints of the customer journey.

MATCHESFASHION customers face a paradox of choice: our range grows and changes every day, so it gets harder for customers to find what excites them. We aim to make product discovery easy for them.

Data Science lets us effectively tackle problems related to attrition, churn, recommendations, and maximising lifetime value; thus informing our next best action. Data Science lets us offer tailored product discovery through a greater understanding of each customer’s preference, thus improving the customer experience through personalisation.

BI Efficiency

We aim to make MATCHESFASHION as operationally efficient as possible through automation of processes using our data. This includes using Data Science to forecast inventory and stock predictions to help inform our supply chain management.

Data Science lets us make better choices on how we select and buy the products we sell. This ‘Buy Optimisation’ can support on what product sizes or the quantity our Buying team procure.


What will you be doing daily?

As a Data Scientist you will be working closely with product managers to seek out the best value of data science applications while also facilitating planning of the roadmap. The role is highly collaborative by nature. You will be supported by other data scientists and data engineers.

It is expected for a data scientist to own the models and analysis you create. The idea is to start simple, iterate, and add complexity. The investigations you perform and models you build will lead to improved decision making and actions done by the business. Having the results and models you generate reproducible is very important for us. Using Databricks and MLflow will help you employ good MLOps practices.

About You

You are a passionate and experienced Data Scientist who is not afraid of a challenge and aims to push the boundaries. You have a solid understanding of machine learning and statistical modelling fundamentals. Data wrangling is a key skill for all data scientists and at MATCHESFASHION it’s no different, but we have notebooks deployed on Databricks with PySpark already setup to help you wrangle the data in the most efficient way. We are looking for a mid or senior level Data Scientist who has experience with recommendation algorithms and will help other team members with technical best practices including code reviews, unit testing, and productionising models.

Our data science stack is:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • PyTorch
  • AWS and Databricks
  • Python ML stack: Scikit-learn, Numpy, Pandas, Pyspark, etc...

Leadership Behaviours

At MATCHESFASHION we all adopt leadership behaviours, and these are an integral part to our everyday roles such as “results focussed” where data is used to make the most informed decision as possible. Some other behaviours such as “creativity and innovation” reflect our staff who continually experiment and iterate while always maintaining “customers at the heart of all thinking”. We also seek “passionate team players” and thrive for all employees to act like owners and make decisions at every organisational level. It means teams have much autonomy around solutions and the responsibility that goes with it.