Computer Vision Engineer

at Thread
Published April 4, 2023
Location Grand Forks, United States of America
Category Computer Vision  
Job Type Full-time  


About Us

Thread is a fast-growing team of software engineers, robotics specialists, aviation experts, and machine learning professionals building the software that industries are adopting for managing their drone fleet. We use advanced computer vision techniques, neural networks, and emerging technologies to autonomously capture, package, transport, integrate, and act on data.


  • Develop computer vision algorithms for Unmanned Aerial systems autonomous routines; use LIDAR scans to identify 3 -Dimensional objects and calculate object characteristics including angles, distances and sizes.
  • Develop computer vision algorithms using Point Cloud data for real-time identification and analysis within autonomous robotic applications operations; develop image processing algorithms for real-world robotics applications.
  • Create prototypes of computer vision applications in scripting languages; develop algorithms to utilize and calibrate cameras including RGB, IR, and LIDAR; transition algorithms into embedded CPU-GPU code for production and support; interaction with government and industry sponsors for planning and reporting purposes.
  • Version Control systems; LINUX; survey literature and implement state of the art techniques to solve challenging computer vision engineering problems.
  • Develop, document and direct software system testing, troubleshooting and verification procedures; document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code; prepare and install solutions by determining and designing system specifications, standards and programming.
  • Building applications using DJI Onboard SDK.
  • Building packages and nodes in Robot Operating Systems (ROS).
  • Visual, depth camera or LiDAR/Camera-based location and mapping algorithms, CUDA, C++ application and library development, OpenCV PCL, and other state of the art computer vision libraries.


  • Requires Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, computer science, computer engineering or related technical discipline and three years of robotics engineering experience or work as a robotics engineer.
  • 3 years of experience in the following:
  • Professional software development experience with a focus on Computer Vision.
  • C++ application and library development; OpenCV PCL, and other state of the art computer vision libraries.

Must have 1 year experience with the following:

  • Visual, depth camera or LiDAR/Camera-based location and mapping algorithms.
  • CUDA.
  • Building packages and nodes in Robot Operating Systems (ROS).
  • Building applications using DJI Onboard SDK.
  • Linux Operating systems.
  • Version control systems
As a part of the Thread Team, your time will be spent working both independently and as a group to complete critical projects and develop solutions to advance the goals of the company and its customers.
Work hours are flexible and regulated by the projects required by your team and team supervisor.
Benefits include unlimited leave per the terms outlined in our policy (sick and vacation) in addition to health, dental, vision, life, short-and long-term disability insurance options, and 401(k).