AI Engineer

at Equipo Health Inc
Published February 12, 2023
Location Trivandrum, India
Category Machine Learning  
Job Type Full-time  


About Equipo Health

Equipo's vision is to simplify care by empowering care teams with a care coordination platform that is built on the central tenets of risk stratification, needs assessment, care plan design, patient engagement and outcomes measurement.


The building blocks of this platform include referral management, tele-visit management, smart alert bots, quality reporting and behavioural analysis utilising cognitive sciences. This platform could be implemented in any health care system to increase levels of patient care and optimise outcomes quality and reimbursement rates through integrated care delivery.


Job Description

Function: Software Engineering → Backend Development

  • Python

The ideal candidate should have sound knowledge of machine learning with a proven ability to build and deploy AI models from scratch.



  • Apply advanced machine learning, deep learning, and NLP/NLU techniques to build cutting-edge AI applications
  • Write production-ready code in Python, applying coding and OOP best practices
  • Develop and deliver software using Python and various AI-related libraries, support continuous integration and continuous deployment of the micro-services. Use containerization, orchestration, and DevOps for faster delivery and easier maintenance
  • Define and implement evaluation strategies for each required functionality, demonstrate the applicability and performance of the delivered application, and communicate clearly its limits
  • Ability to efficiently work in a team.



  • Expert in Python programming
  • Experience in at least 2 of the following areas:
  • Data wrangling with hands-on experience in Pandas, NumPy and SciPy libraries.
  • Machine Learning - deep learning, online learning, transfer learning, reinforcement learning, structured/unstructured learning with hands-on experience of Tensorflow, PyTorch, or SciKit-Learn.
  • Natural language processing, understanding, and/or generation (topic modeling, word embeddings, Semantic Ontology etc. )
  • OCR and document processing, data extraction
  • Scientific approach, with the ability to propose pragmatical, robust and reliable ways to evaluate deliverables and interpret results
  • Experience with micro-services architecture and message brokers
  • Prior working experience with Docker and Kubernetes is a plus.
  • Excellent communication and team collaboration skills.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work in a growing dynamic team in a highly visible role.